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Transparency is a key pillar of open innovation.
The touchscreen outside our Lab enables visitors to explore what the group is doing with regards to innovation.


The importance of having consistent experiences across channels.
The Retail space recreates today’s shopping environment, where digital and physical channels are becoming increasingly closer. As excellent customer experience is a critical factor in customer loyalty, GFT supports banks in the adoption of the latest trends in payments and customer service.


Branches are rapidly evolving.
In the Branch space, customer interactions are fuelled by an environment that is digitally alive. By leveraging interactive, mobile and IoT technologies, the branch evolves from a purely transactional space to a personalised consultancy zone, adapted to new times.


Internet of Everything.
As technology permeates our home, it opens new opportunities for offering financial services in a more timely and personalised way, as well as educating young customers on financial concepts. The Home space is fitted with digitally-enabled objects, react tables, voice recognition appliances and other futuristic devices that will soon reach our homes.


Innovation events.
The Events area offers an open space for innovation sharing. Equipped with the latest video conferencing technologies, what is taking place at the Lab can be share in real time around the world!


The way we innovate, the way we work
The Co-creation area is the perfect environment for collaborative working fostering innovation.